Southern Charm

The notoriously closed society of Charleston, South Carolina unlocks the gates of their centuries-old plantation homes for a real-life look at how modern-day Southern aristocracy lives. Get...

Genre: Reality

Director: Bryan Kestner , Whitney Smith

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 6.2

Season 1 - Southern Charm
"Whitney invites everyone over to his garden party."
"Thomas continues to look for a wife but is now making sure they're closer to him in age. Shep violates the \"bro code\" with Craig."
"Thomas brushes up on his French to take one more swing with Dani at a local French restaurant. Shep sits down with an old girlfriend to discuss the future of his rapscallion lifestyle. Jenna hosts a pool party to welcome folks to her new house south of Broad. Kathryn shows up with Whitney and drops a bomb on Thomas."
"Is Kathryn pregnant? Is it Shep's or Thomas' baby? What should we wear to a white tie Carolina Day party? Tough questions. Fun times."
"Carolina Day is celebrated with a glamorous white tie party. Thomas decides to bring Kathryn as his official date, Whitney brings his assistant, Jenna and Cameran come together, Shep surprisingly doesn't bring MJ, and someone is threatened to be \"bitch slapped.\""
"Thomas, wanting to make sure his friends don't make the same mistakes he has made, hosts a dinner to share with them his thoughts on their lives. Is there someone better to give people advice on relationships? Most certainly!"
"The crew escapes to Shep's family plantation for a pig hunt followed by a pig roast. They shoot guns, they meet the Boykin family historian, and Whitney reveals a disturbing secret to Thomas."
"Whitney showcases his new apartment away from his mother as everyone celebrates Independence Day. Shep makes sure that all of his women go to Whitney\u2019s party."
"The cast comes together for the first time to reveal what\u2019s new in their lives and to discuss some of the most-talked about moments this season. Plus, the relationship rollercoaster between Kathryn and Thomas takes center stage as the two reveal the current status of their love life. Andy Cohen hosts the Charleston crew as they chat about the highs and lows of the season."
"Bravo will air Southern Charm\u2019s \"Secrets Revealed,\" an hour special which takes a look back at lost footage from Season 1 with never-before-seen cast interviews. From a fun weekend booze cruise and spooky sleepovers at Jenna\u2019s house, to the ultimate introduction of the season\u2026adorable baby Kensington!"
Season 2 - Southern Charm
"A second christening is planned for Thomas and Kathryn's daughter. Shep invites an old friend to the big event, while Whitney arrives late."
"Thomas hosts a dinner party, where he and Kathryn share big news. Elsewhere, Cameran tries to make her real-estate dreams come true; Craig refuses to settle into office life; and Landon prepares to leave her old life in Los Angeles behind."
"Shep and Whitney move into their beach house. Meanwhile, Cameran offers Craig sisterly advice, Thomas appoints Whitney to help create a campaign commercial, and problems begin to plague Thomas and Kathryn's relationship."
"Thomas informs Kathryn about his campaign ad, causing her to ditch him for the night and direct her anger toward Whitney. Meanwhile, Cooper prepares for his fashion show with Landon's help, and Craig focuses on his newfound passion for modeling."
"After another fundraiser goes awry, Thomas realizes it's time for Kathryn to get a hobby. Shep decides to stage an intervention for Craig. Whitney vows to avoid Kathryn at the fashion show."
"Shep plans his birthday party. Meanwhile, Cameran decides to get a dog; and Thomas and Kathryn move as his campaign heats up."
"Patricia hosts a dinner party just for men. Craig invites Shep and Whitney over to his parents' house."
"After the Founders Ball, Craig comes face-to-face with his boss and finally learns the consequences of his partying ways. Kathryn resolves to become a different person. When Shep and Whitney head to Delaware to spend time with the Conover clan, tensions run high as secrets are revealed and friendships are tested."
"Landon invites the group for a weekend getaway at her Georgia hometown, yet sibling rivalry stirs up drama. Elsewhere, Whitney is the recipient of Kathryn's wrath yet again, and a fiery accusation could jeopardize Thomas' political aspirations."
"Election Day draws near, as Thomas faces accusations leveled against him and Kathryn makes a decision that could impact her family forever. The gang then gathers to hear the election results."
"All get involved when Patricia organizes a charity event; Whitney's band performs; Shep and Craig agree to a date auction, but relationships are sorely tested when plans go awry."
"Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, Landon Clements, Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks, Thomas Ravenel, Shepard \"Shep\" Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith come together for the first time to divulge what\u2019s new in their lives and discuss some of the most-talked about highlights from this season."
Season 3 - Southern Charm
"Craig returns to Charleston determined to prove he's a changed man. Together with his new girlfriend, Craig throws himself a \"welcome back\" party at his new digs and invites the gang to get back together again."
"As Thomas slowly comes to the realization that he and Kathryn need to co-parent peacefully, Cameran decides to show off her burgeoning domestic skills by throwing a dinner party."
"As Craig settles into his new job, Cameran recruits Shep to be her real estate partner"
"Kathryn experiences complications related to her pregnancy, motivating Thomas to cosign her lease."
"Craig continues to question why Kathryn is on the outs and Shep considers settling down."
"Kathryn contacts an old friend to make amends following a string of rejections. Also, a nerve-rattled Landon heads to New York for a big opportunity; Thomas worries about the health of his unborn child; and Craig receives a crushing blow at work."
"Craig digs into the past to find the source of the animosity aimed at Kathryn."
"The trip puts a strain on group dynamics; Craig attempts to salvage his friendships with Cameran and Whitney."
"As Thomas and Kathryn prepare to welcome their son into the world, JD questions whether Thomas is actually the father."
"With the arrival of their son St. Julien, Thomas and Kathryn begin taking 'baby' steps towards a possible reconciliation. Meanwhile, Shep is dealt a blow in his relationship with Bailey, but will a surprising declaration from Landon help mend his broken heart? Meanwhile, Craig reconnects with his former boss to get advice about returning to the world of law, and a talk between Cameran and her mom about having children leads to an unexpected conclusion. And when Patricia hosts an all male dinner honoring Thomas' newborn son, shocking revelations and fiery accusations give the proud father little reason to celebrate."
"Thomas wants to prove that Kathryn and the children should not be overlooked."
"Kathryn appreciates that Thomas finally had her back and JD and Whitney stage an intervention to air their concerns over Thomas' erratic behavior."
"Cast members rehash the tumultuous season."
"Kathryn and Landon continue to argue over the details of Landon and Thomas' alleged relationship."
Season 4 - Southern Charm
"Thomas has full custody of his children in the Season 4 premiere. Shep has a new wingman, Cameran believes she knows a woman who can reel Shep in. Landon arrives with a new boyfriend and focuses on her online travel site. Kathryn returns."
"As Cameran gets a sneak peek at motherhood, Kathryn's trip to Malibu proved to be more than just sun bathing and surfing. Meanwhile, Shep confronts Craig once again about the true nature of his legal career, but leaves their friendship on the field. And as Landon prepares to launch her website, a new romance begins to percolate as Thomas realizes he needs a step-mother for his children."
"Craig attempts to \"adult\" by helping Naomie throw a fundraiser, but the differences in their planning styles threatens to expose the cracks in their relationship. Meanwhile, Kathryn takes steps to become more responsible, just as Thomas decides it's time to rekindle his friendship with Landon. Later, it seems that Cameran's matchmaking skills are finally paying off after Shep and Chelsea share a romantic evening together. But when Shep leaves town without making his intentions known, Austen swoops in to take his place."
"Kathryn struggles with supervised visitation with her children as Craig judges Thomas' parenting style. However, while Craig meddles in the affairs of his friends, his life with Naomie is slowly starting to fall apart. Meanwhile, at Shep's 37th birthday party Whitney confronts Landon about her true feelings for Thomas, while Cameran tries to convince Shep it's not too late to win Chelsea back before she sails off into the sunset with Austen."
"Cameran turns to the supernatural in hopes of finding her life's purpose, while Thomas takes a leap of faith by asking Landon out on a date. Shep confronts Austen about his bro-code violation over a game of basketball and faces a health scare in the process. Naomie reaches her boiling point when she learns of Craig's latest endeavor, and tensions rise when she questions his plans for the future."
"After going to the doctor, Shep receives some shocking news about his health causing him to take a step back from his party boy ways. Meanwhile, love is in the air as Austen and Chelsea deepen their romantic bond, and Thomas and Landon's connection is tested over a casual dinner at Patricia's house. And when Jennifer hosts a Sip and See to celebrate her new baby, Craig finally seals the deal on an investment property while his relationship with Naomie continues to unravel."
"As Kathryn contemplates a reunion with the father of her children, Patricia continues to push Landon and Thomas closer together. Craig and Naomie attempt to reconcile after their latest blow up, and Shep plans a hunting getaway for the group. Meanwhile, Cameran, ever hopeful that Shep and Chelsea will find true love, has to admit defeat when Chelsea falls for Austen's hunting prowess. And as the two love birds head off to their love shack, Shep's pursuit of health and happiness seems to come to an end."
"Craig and Naomie visit a therapist to help save their increasingly rocky relationship while Austen and Chelsea continue to grow closer. But after, Shep runs into Austen and Landon at a bar, he's convinced there's more going on between them than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Kathryn writes Thomas a letter in the hopes that they can finally move forward and co-parent. Patricia hosts an Indian themed dinner in honor of her new caftan line, and invites an Indian healer who reveals the gangs' future. But it's Whitney's revelation that Kathryn has also reached out to him that shocks the group the most."
"After the chaos of Patricia's dinner, it seems some fortunes are coming true. Cameran agrees to see if Kathryn has really changed her ways, and brings along a surprise guest. Meanwhile, Austen and Craig discuss the possibility that Shep may still have his heart set on Chelsea. Landon prepares to squash a potential relationship, but it seems she can't escape her fate."
"As Thomas and Kathryn break their year-long standoff to celebrate their son's first birthday together, Patricia continues her quest to make Landon Saint and Kensie's new step-mother. Cameran begins to rethink motherhood and Craig proves he's finally all grown up when he gets the keys to his new house. Meanwhile, after Shep decides that he needs to get out of downtown Cameran offers to show him a house and quickly discovers that he may be in need of more than just a new address."
"After Thomas agrees to let Kathryn do a photo shoot with Kensie, the reality of their situation becomes impossible to ignore. Meanwhile, Craig and Naomie question whether they should even continue to be a couple. When Chelsea tells Austen of a late night encounter with Shep, friendships are pushed to the brink."
"Tensions are high as the group heads further down south for Cam's birthday trip to Key West. Austen questions Chelsea's commitment to their relationship after she changes her story about the incident with Shep, and Craig finds himself on thin ice with Naomie. Meanwhile, Kathryn reveals shocking new information about Thomas and Landon's relationship. And when she confronts Landon face to face at a group dinner chaos ensues after Craig intervenes and Thomas witnesses the ultimate betrayal."
"In the season finale, Landon and Kathryn's Key West apology sends shockwaves through the South leaving Thomas a gentleman scorned and the rest of the Charleston crew in bizzaro-land. Meanwhile, as Chelsea and Austen struggle to define their relationship, Craig and Naomie decide the fate of theirs. Kathryn and Thomas seem to finally be on the up and up while Shep continues to spiral down, down, down. When the group gathers for JD's party, old tensions are renewed when Craig is pushed to his limit by Shep."
"The cast of Southern Charm rehashes the season in the first episode of the two-part reunion. Cameran unveils her latest accessory, as Craig and Naomie reveal the status of their relationship. Meanwhile, Shep continues to give Craig and Landon a hard time as Austen proves himself to be a more sympathetic version of his mentor. Kathryn and Jennifer confront their past friendship and Thomas issues a threat that leaves the cast speechless."
"On the dramatic conclusion of the Southern Charm reunion, Kathryn and Landon argue over the details of Landon and Thomas' alleged three day tryst. And as Chelsea confronts Shep about the infamous night at the Commodore, Whitney reveals why he thought Austen was overreacting. Also, Andy tries to resolve the issue of which one of the guys was being the meaner drunk and presents a sneak peek at the new series Relationshep."
Season 5 - Southern Charm
"There have been a lot of changes in Charleston! As Cameran prepares for the birth of her baby girl, her favorite man-child, Shep, confesses to the downfall of his relationship following his summer quest to find love. Despite giving it their best shot, both couples Craig and Naomie and Austen and Chelsea have finally called it quits. Meanwhile, Kathryn is celebrating her second year of sobriety and finally has a place of her own near her children. Thomas has a new love interest, and all of Charleston is buzzing about what will happen when she finally meets Kathryn."
"Shep hosts his first ever \"adult\" dinner party where Craig's anxieties over seeing Naomie mount and Austen remains hopeful that he can win Chelsea back. Kathryn finally meets Ashley, the woman determined to be the next Mrs. Ravenel. Meanwhile, the girls ban together in support of one another and Naomie stands up to JD in defense of Elizabeth; leading to the ultimate BBQ showdown."
"Patricia surprises Cameran by planning a glamorous retro baby shower, but not everyone gets an invite. At the shower, Craig and Naomie fall back into old habits and an unexpected guest turns the event on its head.\u00a0 As Cameran begins to face the realities of becoming a new mother, Kathryn makes up for lost time with her kids. Meanwhile, Thomas considers his future with Ashley."
"Kathryn takes the high road by inviting Thomas\u2019 new girlfriend, Ashley, to lunch. Meanwhile, as Cameran\u2019s due date approaches, her anxieties over becoming a mom subside. After spending time with Cameran, Chelsea begins to fear motherhood may never be in her future.\u00a0 Austen concocts a plan to get Craig back in the dating saddle. Unfortunately, Craig\u2019s sights are set on winning Naomie back until a heated conversation between the pair threatens their future."
"As Thomas ponders his next steps with Ashley, Patricia encourages him to propose. Austen's parents push him to make some strides professionally, while Craig hires a coach to help him get his life on track. Naomie gets wind of Craig's new crush, and turns Austen's Halloween party into a house of horrors when she comes face to face with the woman."
"Naomie prepares to open her family's new restaurant, and finally comes to terms with the fact that she isn't over Craig. Meanwhile, Patricia and Craig have a heart-to-heart about relationships. Cameran tries an old fashioned trick to get baby Palmer to make an appearance with the gang. Thomas gets himself into hot water with Ashley after she sees him flirting with Kathryn. Meanwhile, Shep steps in to help Austen and Chelsea define their relationship."
"Cameran suspects that she may be experiencing labor pains. Kathryn prepares for her first day of work, while\u00a0 Craig helps Austen realize things are over with Chelsea and refocuses on wooing Victoria. Patricia tries to make Ashley into the perfect Southern Belle and hosts a dinner party with the men of Charleston to test her skills. At the party, it seems Thomas only has eyes for Kathryn...and he may not be the only one."
"Cameran plays the pregnancy waiting game while the rest of the gang prepares for a trip to Shep and Chelsea's hometown, Hilton Head. Meanwhile, feuding exes, Craig and Naomie, attempt to act civil with the help of an old furry friend. Austen decides to rekindle his romance with Victoria, but fears Chelsea's reaction. As Kathryn plans her son's birthday, Thomas' girlfriend gets sour from the invitation snub. Tensions flare at a beachfront argument, changing one relationship for good."
"Emotions run high during the gang's first night in Hilton Head, when Ashley confronts Kathryn. After the group is forced to pick sides, everyone is walking on eggshells for the rest of the weekend. When the last flare up comes, it's Austen who gets burned when a flirtation with Chelsea comes back to haunt him."
"As the Hilton Head trip comes to an end, Shep visits his mom and finally admits some truths about himself, as Chelsea takes a trip down memory lane and opens up about her past. Meanwhile, back in Charleston, Austen attempts to make amends with Victoria, and Cameran finally welcomes her new bundle of joy. When everyone comes together to celebrate Saint's second birthday, Thomas and Kathryn finally find the sweet spot with their co-parenting. Ashley, on the other hand, has a bone to pick that might just send her packing."
"Austen prepares to debut his beer to his family and friends and Craig makes progress on his pillows for Patricia. Cameran tries to adjust to her new life with baby Palmer, while Kathryn and Shep spend some quality time together. Ashley returns from California, but her relationship with Thomas is still on the rocks. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Victoria finally cross paths at Austen's beer tasting event, putting him on the spot about their relationships."
"After basking in the glory of his successful beer event, Austen is hit with romantic reality and Craig faces some harsh truths. Meanwhile, as Thomas and Ashley struggle to resolve their issues, Chelsea feels vindicated when she hears some news from Shep. Cameran finally gets to enjoy some freedom from motherhood, Kathryn goes MIA and her friends fear the worst."
"Thomas continues to pressure Ashley to get a job in Charleston, S.C."
"After 5 years of constant tension, Patricia finally extends an olive branch and invites Kathryn to her Winter Ball. As these two former enemies make peace, the delicate truce between Craig and Naomie blows up when he brings a date to the Ball. Meanwhile, as Austen tries to warn Thomas that there's a nasty rumor circulating about Ashley, he's the one that gets burned by Ashley. When Kathryn and Ashley finally sit down to talk for the first time since Hilton Head, their conversation quickly turns combative."
"After a season of betrayals, accusations and stunning revelations, the cast of \"Southern Charm\" come together to face the music and each other, minus one Charmer."
"On the dramatic conclusion of the Southern Charm reunion, Austen and Chelsea finally put to rest whether they will ever be more than just friends. Meanwhile, Shep gets candid about his personal activities with Kathryn. As soon as Ashley goes toe to toe with the entire cast, major revelations come to light which turn the tables in an unexpected direction and leaving Kathryn to intervene."
Season 6 - Southern Charm
"No description"
"As Charleston reels over Thomas\u2019 arrest, a distraught Kathryn deals with conflicting emotions and the possibility of getting full custody of her kids. Cameran learns you can\u2019t have it all as she struggles to balance motherhood and her career, while Naomie has no issues juggling a hunky new boyfriend and a thriving new business Craig, got his groove back after a summer stint in the Bahamas this summer, while Austen was caught in a compromising position."
"Cameran gives Eliza an earful about her behavior at Patricia's party; Whitney is in the hot seat over rumors about his relationship status; Chelsea hosts a house warming party; Cameran spills the beans about Whitney and Kathryn's secret liaison."
"Cameran continues to struggle with being a stay at home mom, while Naomie juggles her burgeoning clothing company and her family\u2019s restaurant empire. As Kathryn opens up about her new boyfriend, Craig becomes the resident town gossip, spreading rumors not only about Kat\u2019s new man but Austen\u2019s girlfriend. When Shep hears the rumors, he and Craig go on the offensive to try to protect their friend."
"Austen has second thoughts about breaking up with Madison. Chelsea learns Austen has been bad mouthing her around town. A shocking experience gives Eliza a new lease on life. Kathryn pulls another one of her stunts before the girls' trip."
"Kathryn and Danni leave the girls' trip on frosty terms, as Cameran realizes she needs to get back to work. Meanwhile, Craig is way behind on pillow orders and decides to host a party to trick his friends into helping him sew. The party takes a turn for the worse when Chelsea lays into Austen for talking behind her back, and Kathryn and Danni confront their friendship issues head on."
"To get Austen's mind off his ex, the guys rent an RV and head into the great outdoors; Chelsea steps up her hair game; Eliza tries to mend fences; Cam finally asks for help with Palmer; Kathryn and Danni's friendship is at an icy standstill."
"The guys hit the town in Nashville, Tenn., in their attempt to get Austen over Madison; Patricia hosts a female-only dinner party that is even raunchier than the boys' night out, as the women share some secrets of their own."
"Shep adjusts to life with his new puppy, Little Craig; Chelsea holds Austen's feet to the fire; Kathryn and Naomie get enlightened; when Cameran hosts an oyster roast for her 35th birthday party, she gets \"turnt,\" and Craig the human gets livid."
"The group decides to take a trip to Colorado to help Cameran rediscover her mojo; Naomie refuses to go; Eliza hosts the gang for a day of skeet shooting at her family's plantation and invites a blast from the past, which backfires big time."
"Kathryn confronts Whitney about a rumor. Cameran reveals to Shep that she's invited Madison to her birthday ski trip in Colorado. The trip gets off to a rocky start as a frustrated Craig unleashes his pent-up fury."
"Chelsea, Cameran, Eliza, Danni, and Kathryn hit the slopes for their first-ever ski lesson, while Craig, Austen and Madison go snowboarding. Austen and Madison's relationship heats up. Tensions arise during a cannabis-infused dinner."
"After a raucous night in Colorado, Cameran and Whitney hightail it back to Charleston, while the others hit the hot springs. Austen and Madison's road to reconciliation is a rocky one. Madison repeats a rumor that throws Shep and Danni under the bus."
"On the first part of the Southern Charm Reunion, Naomie defends her boyfriend from accusations that he is controlling and Shep admits he has anger issues that stem from his elitism. Meanwhile, Cameran accuses Craig of having an Adderall addiction and Austen questions Kathryn's sobriety."
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Season 7 - Southern Charm
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28 Jan 2021
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